Workplace Giving

APCF is the only Asian & Pacific Islander-based (API) fund in Southern California, and supports API communities with donations raised from workplace giving campaigns. Workplace Giving Campaigns offer employees the convenience of making charitable contributions through payroll deductions or one-time gifts. APCF currently supports 52 Network Agencies who provide direct services to communities in need, including after school programs, employment services, mental health counseling, financial education, domestic violence intervention, affordable housing alternatives, and healthcare. Collectively, 250,000 people are served annually, speaking 26 API languages, and over 78% are low-income.


As the only API-based fund in Southern California, your gift helps us continue this very important and necessary work of building stronger communities.

A workplace campaign is an excellent way to demonstrate your company’s commitment to the community, and can be a great team-building exercise for employees and management alike. Ask about your employer’s charitable giving program with your human resources or giving department, or start one in your place of work today!

Below are companies and agencies that offer workplace giving programs contributing to APCF:

Benefits of donating through an employer’s workplace giving program:

  1. Donations are tax-deductible and no receipts are needed to claim tax deduction for donations less than $250. (Pay stub and pledge card copies are needed for contributions of $250 or more)

  2. Easy and convenient to “give what you can” at your convenience – every pay period, a portion of your check in any amount that you decide is automatically deducted and sent to your charity of choice. Over time, your gifts add up to a larger contribution to the community every year!

  3. Transparent and trustworthy – APCF and our Network Agencies have been pre-screened according to each campaign’s criteria, meeting strict standards of management and responsibility.

  4. Increase your gift for free! Many companies match employee contributions, up to doubling an employee’s gift. Through your employer’s matching program, your donation has an even greater impact.

  5. Employees can work together for a common cause, which can increase workplace morale and foster team building – giving campaigns have been known to improve work and life balance for employees, with opportunities for positive employee involvement with the community.

If you are interested in starting an employee giving campaign at your workplace, please contact Debbie Chun at (213) 624-6400 ext. 1 or