Giving Circles for Collective Donations through a Group of Friends, Family Members, or Colleagues

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APCF offers a unique option of collective giving through the creation of a Giving Circle, which is a donor-advised fund involving numerous members. Through friends, family members, colleagues, or others, a Giving Circle is a type of pooled fund where members come together to make a grant.
With each member contributing to the fund, the Giving Circle combines its resources for a bigger sum of charitable dollars
to make more of an impact with the larger donation.


The mission of the Asian Pacific Community Giving Circle is to promote philanthropy among the Asian and Pacific Islander (API) community, build awareness of the needs in the API community, and fund programs and organizations serving the diverse needs of APIs throughout Los Angeles County and beyond. In 2008, APCF launched this flagship Giving Circle, which combined the contributions of over 30 board members and friends in order to offer a $5,000 grant award in the area of API political leadership. Each year, the Giving Circle convenes to determine giving priorities of its membership and select by vote a new cycle of grantees. Individually, each of their donations would not have been able to significantly impact any given program and/or agency.

The APC Giving Circle meets twice a year, once in the fall to determine the current cycle’s grant making priorities before releasing the Request for Proposals, and then in the winter to review proposals and select the grantee(s). If you are interested in joining this Giving Circle, please contact Debbie Chun at (213) 624-6400 ext. 1 or

How to Create a Giving Circle

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