Grant Making

Through a Donor Advised Fund, Asian Pacific Community Fund (APCF) works directly with donors to designate grants to any 501(c)(3) organization, including one of APCF’s Affiliate Agencies or any other non-profit organizations.

Another option is grant making, where a donor can support projects within a general field of interest, such as youth, education, the arts, healthcare, job training/development, legal services, elder care, etc. For an additional fee, APCF can walk donors through this process by:

  1. Running a full Request for Proposal/Grant Application process, so that donors can designate an area of focus or specific program they wish to fund.
  2. Donors can then select from the organizations/programs that submit proposals.

Grantmaking is designed specially for those interested in learning the details of a program, how fund will be used, expected outcomes, etc. before making a decision to grant funds to an organization. Minimum grant award for this process is $5,000.



For more information or to set up a Grant, please contact Chun-Yen Chen at (213) 624-6400 ext. 2 or email