Capacity Building Program

The Asian Pacific Community Fund (APCF) believes that Asian & Pacific Islander (API) communities are best served by strong API nonprofits that speak their language and offer culturally relevant programs. In recent years, APCF has evolved beyond our traditional grantmaking to provide capacity building support to numerous API nonprofits in the greater Los Angeles area. Many of these nonprofits are underresourced, underfunded, and often understaffed, facing unstable funding and lacking financial reserves and other resources related to capacity. APCF currently offers the following capacity building programs throughout the year as vital to the growth and long-term sustainability of the local API nonprofit sector.


Capacity Building Workshops

APCF’s unique position in the API nonprofit sector allows us to be responsive to the needs of our network of API nonprofits through capacity building workshops on topics such as public speaking, marketing and social media, fundraising, program evaluation, and more. Offered at no cost to attendees as long as they support the underserved API community, our workshops also have the API cultural relevancy that may be lacking in other nonprofit workshop curricula.

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Board Leadership Program

With the goal of developing a pipeline of trained leaders to serve on API nonprofit boards, APCF co-leads and implements the Board Leadership Program with the Asian American Professional Association. Offered annually since 2015, the six-month program includes sessions focused on developing effective board leaders on topics such as board governance, finance management, strategic planning, fundraising, and more. Participants also have the option of interning with an API nonprofit board, with an opportunity to be selected as a board member of that nonprofit upon completion of the program.

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Meet the Funders

Since 2016, APCF has collaborated with AAPIP-LA (Asian Americans/Pacific Islanders in Philanthropy – Los Angeles) to provide “Meet the Funders” events to help connect API nonprofits with new funding sources. Offered twice a year, APCF facilitates a panel of several funders to discuss their organization’s funding priorities, eligibility criteria, do’s and don’ts of applying, and other insights that demystify the funding process. After the panel, there is also an invaluable opportunity for API nonprofits to have a one-on-one session with the funder. These sessions help facilitate relationship building between the two sectors, allowing for the nonprofit to ask very specific questions while the funder gets to know the nonprofit better.

“The sessions are great because you realize very quickly where you can apply or where you’re not a good fit, which isn’t always clear from just reading what’s on their websites…It’s helpful to know how much to engage the funders and how much to not bother them, which is different per foundation.”
– Connie Chung Joe, Korean American Family Services

API Community Van Tour

In collaboration with AAPIP-LA and Southern California Grantmakers, APCF co-sponsors an annual API Community Van Tour to outreach to foundation staff and grow awareness of the API community and the nonprofits serving this community. The half day tour may include an introduction to the history of APIs in the area, site visits to several nonprofits working in the underserved API communities, meetings with local elected officials, and an exploration of the cultural heritage of the area through food and other activities. Past tours have included Artesia/Little India and San Fernando Valley. While offering funders the opportunity to learn more about API community needs and the nonprofits that serve them, the tour’s purpose is to also identify funding gaps and learn how funders can make an impact and meet this need.

API Nonprofit Volunteer Program

APCF has developed an effective system to recruit, screen, and place volunteers within our network of API nonprofits that best match the desires and skills of volunteers with the needs of these organizations. Volunteers assist with the nonprofit’s daily operations, including data entry, research, grant writing, social media, office work, as well as client programs and services.

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