State of the AAPI Nonprofit Sector


• What is the state of AAPI nonprofits in California and more specifically those in LA County?
• How are they fairing compared to other/mainstream nonprofits?
• Are they really more challenged and if so, why?

By partnering with the Nonprofit Finance Fund as they conducted their 2018 State of the Nonprofit Sector Survey, we were able to gain a better understanding of the state of AAPI nonprofits.

The survey data presentation PDF is available here.

The webinar presentation on YouTube can be viewed by clicking the image below.

Survey highlights include:

• AAPI nonprofits face similar challenges to other nonprofits across the country, including concern for the people they serve, rising demand and funding challenges
• Some challenges hit AAPI nonprofits harder, such as leadership staffing and the impact of federal positions and policies
• AAPI nonprofits are also thriving with more diversity in organizational leadership and opportunities to collaborate and grow


Special Thanks

This was made possible through the collaborative led by the Asian Pacific Community Fund, which includes the Center for Asian Americans United for Self Empowerment (CAUSE), Asian American/Pacific Islanders in Philanthropy (AAPIP), AAPI Data and Southern California Grantmakers with additional funding support from the California Wellness Foundation. We thank all our partners and funders for their participation as well as their care and concern for the AAPI nonprofit sector. We hope that this information will be helpful and used to address the challenges and needs of the AAPI nonprofit sector.